Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ron, 50" X 36", acrylic on canvas.

No, 22" X 28", acrylic on canvas

Immigrant Window, 36" X 30", acrylic on canvas.

Sorry We're Open, 30" X 40", acrylic on canvas.

1962, 20" X 24", acrylic on canvas.

Orphan, 28" X 22", acrylic on canvas.

Orphans (diptych), 56" X 22", acrylic on canvas.

It's probably time I posted some work (or anything for that matter) on this blog. All relatively speaking recent pieces. I am not prolific. In any case the work itself dictates what needs to be done and how much time is required to complete it. I sometimes feel I'm being led by the whole process.


Tom Mulliner said...

Wonderful work Rod. "Sorry we're open" just made me spit my coffee out laughing!!
I've taken the liberty of adding you to my photorealist/hyperrealists list (hope you don't mind): http://designmobius.blogspot.com/2009/11/hyperrealistsphotorealists.html
-Tom Mulliner

R.G. said...

Hi Tom, I appreciate it, thank you! Can't complain about the company I'm in with on your blog. Rod

Blanco said...

Greetings from Barcelona, Rod.
I'm follower of Jason de Graaf and today I founds yours.
I love figurative art and especially hyperrealism.
A pleasure to see your excelent work